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Cruising Cuisine is now in its third printing and can be obtained directly from author, Kay Pastorius Waller. She has promised to autograph any books obtained through this web link. This book has repeatedly been given as a great gift for weddings and bon voyage parties, and is treasured by cooks who create great meals from small kitchens, galleys, or motor homes.

This is a cookbook for those who enjoy good food. It is also a personal account of recipes invented while cruising from San Francisco, California, to Manzanillo, Mexico aboard SpiceSea, a 32 foot motor boat. The book features simple and exciting recipes for the galley chef and includes menus for intimate dining and for entertaining on board. The recipes emphasize using fresh ingredients to supplement onboard staples.

Cruising Cuisine discusses the skills that are necessary for mastering fine cooking aboard; many recipes are presented as building blocks that teach a technique or style around which the cruising chef can improvise. Kay says, “Eating well aboard while provisioning as seldom as possible has been an exciting challenge during my more than 25 years of cruising. Cruising Cuisine focuses on helping land bound cooks adapt to the alien environment of a small boat. I include tips on setting up and customizing a galley, provisioning and coping with supermarket separation syndrome. I place a lot of emphasis on using fresh, locally obtained ingredients and discuss foods that are common to some of the most popular cruising grounds of Mexico, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.”

Here is everything you need to know to create and enjoy fresh, flavourful and healthful cuisine aboard your boat, with more than 450 time-tested, palate-leasing recipes. Lynda Childress, Managing Editor of Cruising World Magazine wrote: “This collection of mouth-watering meals—tailor-made for easy onboard preparation—will delight cruising connoisseurs everywhere. With invaluable sections on provisioning, preservation, preparation, and equipment selection, Cruising Cuisine, is a cut above the usual ‘cruising cookbook’. It could well become the Joy of Cooking for cruisers.”

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